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The 2000s

Beta Reunion 93rd.jpg

Beta Chapter 93rd Reunion

February 2007

Initiated into the fold in 2000, the 14 Homicidal Killers were poised to take Beta into the new millennium blazing new trails in its already storied history. Entering the fall of 2000, there were 13 brothers on campus. The motto for the year was to "Be the bridge builders of Beta." The chapter officers included Basileus Jermaine Wallace, Vice Basileus Michael Henderson, Keeper of Records and Seal Montez Jordan, Keeper of Finance Michael Hardy, Chaplain Darius Kimbrough, and Keeper of Peace Kyle Epps. The first social event of the year was the coming out show of Spring 2000, which some has stated was the "best" probate show in Beta History. The brothers kicked off the year with a Big Brother - Little Brother/Sister program. Each member was assigned a group of freshmen, and they helped their mentees with everything from how to operate the washing machines to studying skills. The brothers also held the "Rep Your City Basketball Tournament” which was a retake on the original Omega Classic Basketball game.


The brothers continued to aid the community with the haunted house for the children from Avondale and Oxford. This program was also a great way to involve Lincoln students, who aided with the trick-or-treating, in service to the community. During finals, the brothers partnered with Lincoln University to design a finals review center. The top of the SUB was turned into a center were students could go to join study groups or review quietly. The brothers acted as study leaders and also served light refreshments, thanks to the cafe workers. Beta Week 2001 was filled with educational and social events. The week started, with brothers renting the bowling alley out and having a Super Bowl Party. The next day, the neophytes added another first to the rich history of Beta, "The Lottie B. Pageant." The Lottie B. Pageant allows the female students to display their true beauty, their intelligent; the winner Ebony was awarded a scholarship. Of course, the chapter had some of the traditional programs: banquet, pool party and putting on the hits. But one program that was expanded upon was Black Women Appreciation. The brothers had a program only for the ladies on campus, in which they were treated to a dinner, flowers, and a night of poetry. Another program that was expanded upon was the Black College Reunion at Kings Dominion; the chapter was able to make it a weekend event, instead of, one day. For Easter, again the brothers joined force with the Avondale and Oxford communities to have an Easter egg hunt on campus. In addition to Brother Jermaine Wallace’s election to 2nd Vice District Representative, Beta Chapter won Organization of the Year on Lincoln’s Campus.


The chapter’s officers for 2001 were as follows: Basileus Jermaine Wallace (aug.-Feb.) Basieleus Michael Henderson (Feb-May), Keeper of Records and Seal Najeeb Salahuddin, Keeper of Finance Darius Ferguson, Chaplain Darius Kimbrough, and Keeper of Peace Wakeem Brown. In fall of 2001 coming off of a successful year, the motto was "Finish What You Start." The chapter continued with the programs from the previous year. 2002 saw the chapter’s governance by Basileus Darius Kimbrough, Vice Basileus Antonio Birch, Keeper of Records and Seal Atiba Marryshow, Keeper of Finance Antonio Birch, Chaplain Darius Kimbrough, and Keeper of Peace Wakeem Brown. In the fall of 2002, there were only four brothers on campus, the motto was "Continuing the Greatness." With the help of the chapter, as a whole, the brothers on campuswere able to continue with programs previously put in place.


The fall of 2004 saw the arrival of the 6 Soldiers of Resurrection and the return of a new line of brothers to Lincoln’s campus after a period of inactivity in 2003. The officers that governed the chapter in 2004 were as follows: Basileus Marcus Jeter, Vice Basileus Keon Campbell, Keeper of Records and Seal Barry Cropp, Keeper of Finance, Jamaal Lewis, and Chaplain Staccato Powell. During these years the brothers had great social programming. Some of their major successes were Women’s Appreciation Day, Puttin’ on the Hits, and a Madden Gaming Tournament. These were coupled with interesting forums. For example, “What is Cuffing?” was a forum in which students discussed relationship issues and their relevance to a campus’ culture. In addition, the brothers held studying and tutoring sessions for midterm and finals week. Brothers also continued its annual Halloween Haunted house in McCrary Hall for children in the Oxford area. In 2005, chapter officers were as follows Basileus Barry Cropp, Vice Basileus Keon Campbell, Keeper of Records and Seal Staccato Powell, Keeper of Finance Jamaal Lewis.


One rainy Friday night April 21, 2006 the Eight States of Emergency became a part of the historic legacy of Beta chapter. During the summer of 2006 the brothers planned programing and the following brothers were elected as officers: Basileus, Dana Armstead, Vice Bas. Tyrone Daye, Keeper of Records and Seal Brandon Witcher, Keeper of Finance, Ariel Lajara. Visually, the campus still had the original Student Union Building and just began the massive renovations that have beautified the campus. The Frederick Douglass statue stood in the center of campus. We didn’t have a football team or a stadium. We didn’t even have a marching band. Brothers were concerned about educating students, especially freshmen, about sexually transmitted diseases. Brother Anthony Sierra spear headed the idea to provide students with a telegram with statistics and facts about sexually transmitted diseases as well as a condom. The program was a resounding success and set the tone for the arrival of the 8 States of Emergency and the rebuilding of the Beta Brand.


Brothers exemplified leadership on campus as well as in the fraternity. Shaun Sherwood was the current SGA Secretary and Bro. Cory Marshall was Vice President of External Affairs, Bros. Randy Jackson, Anthony Sierra, Garrick Wooten, and Tyrone Daye were student leader ambassadors. Bro. Brandon Witcher was runner-up to Mr. Lincoln University and Bro. Daye was second runner up to Mr. Lincoln University. The campus was going through drastic changes both physically and internally. There was new construction everywhere and the office of student life had created many new policies to govern campus organizations. We made it our duty to keep a pulse on campus issues and our programming reflected as such. On a different occasions brothers held a forum in which students who attended had the chance to voice their opinions to administration of the university. It allowed students to get their questions answered as well as offer suggestions to the people who were in charge of the university. In addition, students could get a fine deducted from their bill as an incentive to attend. The brothers were also very involved in helping the community as well. Brothers helped mentor students from the Oxford, Pa area ranging from Kindergarten through sixth grade at The Erin Dudley Forbes Charter School. Spring 2006 Beta Chapter members also fostered a strong relationship with the Media, PA YMCA. We provided Community service for their field day and their Fall Festival. One of the most crippling disasters in recent history was Hurricane Katrina. The brothers helped raise funds for New Orleans residents after the devastation of this natural disaster.

In 2006-2007 the brothers of Beta Chapter were awarded Campus Organization of the Year. It was the capstone to a truly remarkable year. The 2007-2008 chapter officers were as follows: Basileus, Brandon Witcher, Vice Basileus, Tyrone Daye, Keeper of Records and Seal, Anthony Sierra, Keeper of Finance, Shaun Sherwood, Chaplain, Garrick Wooten. During the next academic year, Lincoln’s campus continued to go under massive changes. The SUB was being renovated as well as all of the academic buildings. The brothers were well represented in campus leadership positions. The fall of 2007 saw the chapter suspended. The brothers did not give up in the face of this set back and resolved to get the chapter fully restored. The fruit of their labors were realized when the chapter’s status was restored to active and even saw the initiation of the Spring 2008 The Six Signs of Distress.


Following the initiation of the Six Signs of Distress the chapter was lead by Basileus Anthony Sierra, Vice Basileus Dana Armstead, Keeper of Records and Seal Kevin Jackson, Keeper of Finance Jamel Howard. The brothers kept many programs that have become tradition such as Women’s Appreciation Day, Rep Your City Basketball game, and Putting on the Hits. Brothers also had riveting forums on alcohol and drug awareness with Chief of Lincoln University Police Larry Woods, business ethics, and self motivation for success. The brothers also had great social programs such as the Miss Omega Pageant, Hell Date and “Who’s Your Favorite Que?”. During this period the fall 2009 11 Menaces of Hell are initiated into Beta Chapter.


As the last brothers initiated into the fold of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated by way of Beta Chapter, the 11 Hardcore Hounds of Resurgence have been blessed with the unique and prestigious opportunity to uphold the tradition of the founders while creating a legacy for future brothers. The 11 Hardcore Hounds of Resurgence consists of the following young educated and decisive men: Evan Herbert (Basileus), Jarrell Williams, Federico Ghelli (Keeper of Records and Seals), Jeffery Byard, II (Vice Basileus), DeVaughn Newman, Antoine McDonald(Keeper of Finance), Clifton Chambers, Jonathan Denton (Keeper of Peace), Quinton Roundtree, Nigel Francis and Christopher Howard (Chaplin). On April 13, 2013 these men entered Omega land and have dedicatedthemselves to a life of hard work and devotion to their fraternity and community.


On the campus of The Lincoln University, the brothers quickly got to work revitalizing the chapter that had been inactive for several semesters. This included creating a presence on campus that lived up to and surpassed the potential of brothers that came before them and paved the way. The brothers hosted many educational as well as social programs while also being active members of the campus community. The Back to Beta Cookout allowed the undergraduate brothers a chance to learn and laugh with their older brethren while also engaging the campus. The Omega Classic Basketball Tournament which was hosted in the newly built Wellness Center located on campus, served as a recreational outlet for the men at Lincoln to compete for first and second place trophies and bragging rights as the champions of the Omega Basketball Classic which is a tradition at Beta Chapter.


The brothers furthered enhancing their relationships with other organizations by collaborating with the women of the Higher Better Movement during Breast Cancer Awareness month to host a Breast Cancer Awareness Forum which educated both the men and women of Lincoln University of the risks, symptoms, side effects and preventive measures of breast cancer. This forum was followed by Omega Week which is time dedicated to organizations of campus to host events for the entire week. The week kicked off with Church with the Ques, where the brothers attended the morning chapel service, read scriptures for the congregation and hosted a separate follow up session titled The Purple and Gold Brunch. During this time brothers shared the history of the chapter and their founders with the men of Lincolns campus. The next event was the Stolen Legacy Forum which was educational tool that informed the students on the history, plight and achievements of the African and African American culture. The next event was Afrodisia"Q", which was a neo-soul lounge hosted by the brothers which included live performances such as dance, singing, and poetry. This event was followed by Women's Appreciation which is an unofficial Omega Psi Phi tradition throughout all chapters that cater to the women of their respective campuses. The final event was the Ask Me About Omega symposium which was open to all the men of Lincoln’s campus whom were interested in learning more about the undergraduate brothers and the history of the fraternity. Throughout the duration of the week, the brothers held a canned food and clothing drive on campus which at the end of the week was collected and donated to local families during the Thanksgiving holiday. Also, during that time the brothers chose several families in the surrounding Oxford,PA community to donate turkeys for a Thanksgiving dinner.

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