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Beta Lineage

"May it be stated whatever and wherever Omega may go, let there be assurance, Beta Chapter, in the presence of Almighty God, will forever strive to be men, promote efforts of uplift, persevere to be scholars and maintain integrity, justice, and virtue."

F.P. Stewart, Basileus
R.J. Crawford, Keeper of Records & Seals

Pale Beta Chapter Logo
The Founders

Dr. Oscar James Cooper
William Griffith Carter Brannon
John Howard McMorries

Pale Beta Chapter Logo

Herbert Forgys Anderson
Albert Sidney Beasley
William Edward Bush
Winston Stanley Douglas
Junius Edward Fowlkes

Leslie Elmore Ginn
George Abner Golightly
Howard Decker Gregg
Norman Alonzo Holmes
Emory Albert James

Harry Elmer James
Moses Lafyette Kiser
Henry McClellan Marlowe
Willis Gittens Price
Robert Allen Pritchett

Raymond George Robinson
Charles Reed Saulter
Fitz Patrick Stewart
Alonzo Merral Willis
Andrew Lee Wallace

The Charter Line
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