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Spring 1970:

Tortorous Two

Edward B King
Phil Morgan

Fall 1970:

Band Of Gypsies

Tyrone R Whelan
Jerome E Wallace
Lawrence A Upperman
Charles Farrell
Bernard Fisher
Micheal E Jones
Joseph H Moody
Reginald W Simpkins

Spring 1971:

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

William King
Wilbur Rodgers
Aaron A Grant

Fall 1971:

4 Bold Knights Of Soul

Gregory A Day
Anthony Walker
Claude Scarborough
Joseph Brown

Spring 1972:

Audacious Ace

Jerry Knox

Spring 1973:

Durable Deuce

Michael Wright
Ernest R. Frazier, Sr

Fall 1973:

Fatalistic Five

Mike Montgomery
Thomas Highsmith
Charles Cephas
Kevin Gibbs
Bryant Hoffler

Fall 1974:

Centurion Six

Noble Potts
Kevin Smith
Leonard Ferguson
Oscar Rider
Gregory Miller
Milton Reeve

Fall 1975:

Fahrenheit Five

Preston Henry
Harry Parker
Darryl Roberts
Gerald Bruce
Mark Field

Spring 1976:

Futuristic Five

Darryl Hicks
Hervie Blyther
VanBuren Brown
Alexander Rhodan
Andre Fisher

Spring 1977:

Defiant Three

Marvin Hurt
Robert Allen
Bronell Chandler

Spring 1978:

Anticipatory Four

Eric Stills
Michael Fleming
Marlon Charles
Paul Waters

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